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Greetings!  First and foremost, thanks for visiting our site.  We are Carver Paranormal, a paranormal research group from Huntington, WV.  You can learn more about each of our memebers by clicking the link at the top labeled "Members".  Officially as a group we have been investigating in the paranormal field since October 2010.  Throughout the past few years, and additionally with our plans to continue growing our research efforts in the future, we have fine tuned our methods to capture evidence.  We are a family oriented group, in fact most of us are related in some way, and our reputation within the community is important to us.  We are a professional group and have the resources to do large scale as well as small investigations to fill our clients needs.  A large part of our research is devoted to EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).  We have captured a great deal of unexplainable audio findings from past investigations.  We specialize in audio analysis so if you have any potential evidence recorded please contact us, we would be glad to assist you.                                                                                           




Please check out our all new introduction video below with original music created by us!


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